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All treatments are $60 per session.  We offer a sliding scale for those that cannot afford the full amount.


Treatments are geared towards ridding the body of the elements that are causing inflammation in the body naturally. This typically includes:

• Identifying and treating specific pathogens (whether it be a parasite, bacteria, yeast, a fungus, virus, etc.)

• Identifying and treating specific environmental toxicities that have become too toxic in your body

• Nutritional balancing

• Treating food and environmental allergies

• Assist in relieving stress and supporting your emotional well-being.

• Treatment of pain: I provide a comprehensive treatment strategy geared towards structural balancing. I fix the tendons and ligaments so they work properly to help hold the structural alignment properly. I’m also able to repair and heal bones and muscles.

Michael integrates the best of conventional medicine and natural treatment approaches with his extensive medical training through various integrative modalities to create a holistic method of diagnostics and therapeutic approaches that help you maintain and achieve health. The treatment strategies Michael utilizes are designed to optimize the function of the body’s self-healing mechanisms to restore homeostasis and facilitate healing.

Michael is an expert in the recovery from Lyme disease, chronic infections, allergies, and environmental toxicity. Michael has provided over 100,000 acupuncture treatments to the Madison community. With the cause of your syndrome identified, you can begin a rational treatment course that promotes health and alleviates your suffering. Our goal is to uncover and address the root cause of your symptoms. Michael believes it is critical to go beyond the label of a diagnosis (eg. Hypothyroid) and uncover which components of that diagnosis are perpetuating illness. For example, finding out precisely why you have an underactive thyroid and treating the root cause to help your thyroid function optimally and hopefully help you get off your thyroid medication. Essentially our goal is to help you fully heal, feel healthy, and function again.