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Here at Madison Community Acupuncture, Michael Killian specializes in the recovery from chronic infections, including Lyme disease (he is a Certified Lyme Specialist), Long-COVID, allergies, and a comprehensive approach to detoxifying the body from environmental toxicities including heavy metals, mold, and chemicals. He also specializes in the treatment of pain. In his clinical experience from providing over 100,000 treatments to the Madison community, Michael finds the root of one’s pain stems not only from stress, trauma, and structural imbalances, it always includes a neurological component, i.e. why you have systemic inflammation. As an example, latent viral infections that are still hanging out in your body coupled with certain heavy metals and herbicides that have become too toxic in your system can be a major contributor to why you have pain.

Michael often sees patients that have been to many doctors and still have no diagnosis. Many of them have been diagnosed with a syndrome such as Fibromyalgia Syndrome or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Unfortunately syndromes are not diagnoses. A syndrome is a way of describing a group of symptoms where the cause is unknown. Michael specializes in finding out what is really causing your syndrome and symptoms, discovering the root of your illness.  He’s more concerned about identifying the underlying stressor, organ malfunction, structural imbalance, toxicity, nutrient-deficiency, pathogen, allergy, etc. that is the ROOT CAUSE. For example, finding out precisely WHY you have an underactive thyroid and treating the root cause to help your thyroid function optimally and hopefully help you decrease or even cease your thyroid medication. Essentially the goal is to help you fully heal, feel healthy, and function again.